Tuesday, April 28, 2009

B E L L Bottom Bowls

Thanks Mark (Shapiro), Now I have to rethink how I make the primary pottery object. But, your right, at least if I'm going to make B E L L bottom bowls there shall be intention about it. I think I was just taking what I got. I do much prefer bowls with less of a B E L L, more angular and appearing lifted vs. sagging.
I'll say the less sagging at this point in my life the better.
I am jonesing for a T R E A D L E .......hard.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trimming and Handleing and Bell bottom bowls

Again. Remember to be intentional and thrifty with revolution, deeper more meaningful cuts. It's coming. I like the cutting vs. seemingly endless shaving the surface. For what??
At least I'm working.
Handles seem better to me, also more intentional, less weight at the top attachments. Easier, I like that. Bottom attachments for Handles are still somehow uneasy. It would be fun if I could do it with some pleasantry.
Mark keeps ringing in my head about the Bell bottom bowls, wavering between making some off the hump or not and/or just getting to them, think I'm scared......Boo! Maybe next week.
Hogwarts tomorrow.

Spencer's Muddy

Because of a "mishap" at school my Spencer's now home with me for the remainder of his sophomore year in High School. We will be finishing his ART class here in my studio.
:o} YEA!!
He tried throwing today for the first time. My, my he's an expert, doesn't really think he'll need much more of my help after throwing one piece so proficiently. He actually did do very well. I actually am a good teacher!
Secretly, I loved having him in the studio. I was doing my best to HOOK him in without being WAAAY to obvious about my interest in his interest!
I'm always amazed at how consistently and profoundly I love those boys of mine.

Monday, April 20, 2009

You can't f a k e FOCUS

Went back to it yesterday. Back to everything old and too fussy and unfresh.
I know why.
Let's see how the trimming goes with these?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Favorite place to see my pots

In other people's dishwashers!

You can't F A K E fresh.

So I came back to the cups today. Now to trim them with a similar freshness so the bottoms don't appear to be from another universe. The same slow methodical wheel, but quick, don't mess too long. Deeper cuts more confidence with the tools. Less attachment. Production is N O T terrible. It can teach.
And then handles. Porcelain likes to make handles better then stoneware does. Some redemption for the white jelly sticky stuff. They are less bulky at the top attachment and less fussy at the bottom.
Handmade is obvious all around.
More tomorrow.
That's the point of this,
lots of working tomorrows.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Back at It

I went to Massachusetts. I worked at Stonepoole Pottery with Mark Shapiro. I shifted. I worked on a treadle wheel with stoneware off the hump for 5 days. Came home changed. I love the slow intentional methodical rhythm of the treadle.
I came back to my porcelain all jelly and sticky and my kick wheel speedy and wet and far away.
I got back to it today, it felt odd and i needed to adjust but then good and fun and productive. The pots are in the sun. I better go care for them now, more tomorrow.
S L O W is good.