Monday, May 18, 2009


I come home from a glorious week in Anguilla to find a great big box of
P O T S from Stonepool pottery. My expectations were low. These were process pots.....treadle wheel for the first time, made quickly and slipped in an unfocused frustrated rush, not nearly picky enough for my glazing agony. Much to my surprise. I L O V E these pots!! They are rough and brown and Glaze and salt kissed by a Master of the fire. Thanks Mark.
Technically, I threw off the hump and not one "S" crack, evidence of the slow throw is showing and I like it. My haphazard halfhearted slip and oxide brush work has merit, aided greatly by the fire.
These pots are warm and friendly and best of all I N S P I R I N G.


  1. But where are the pictures of the pots!! Don't be shy. It's not that your description isn't beautifully written. I look forward to reading more about your pottery making.

  2. Thanks Michael, I'll get the tent out today and take photos of the pots from both workshops.